Ventsim DESIGN 6 - Out Now!

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Ventsim DESIGN 6 - Out Now!

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It’s time for Ventsim DESIGN 6!

Get it here: Official Releases | Ventsim

What’s new?

Textured Airways

We have created textures on the airways.


These are not just random visual disturbances, you can customize these to a wide range of pre-configured textures, so they can represent different friction factor presets; you can also scale the texture size based on the friction factor.


Don’t like it? You can toggle it with the button at the top left.


New Improved Error Box

We have revamped the Error Box. Errors and Warnings are now grouped rather than appearing in a long difficult to manage list. This way you can hide errors that occur multiple times and not lose sight of potentially more important but less numerous ones.

To see what airways correspond to each warning you can just click on the group heading and it will cycle the viewer through each. In the example below, if I wanted to see the four airways with stalled fans, I can just click 4 times on “4 stalled fan” heading and I will see each in turn.

I can also click on the check box, and then click Edit to edit the four airways together.

You may have noticed the colours. You can turn that on and off with the colour button at bottom left. This just takes the current colour property on the airway and puts it on the error; so you could colour your errors in the Error Box by, for example, by Air Type, to see which of the errors is occurring in the Return or Fresh Air system.


Battery Fires

You can now model burning Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in your model. In the Fire Wizard, select a battery and then enter its energy capacity. Additionally, Hydrogen Fluoride, a toxic product of battery combustion, can now be modelled as one of the gases in Ventsim


Arrow Colours

Because why not? Get even more information in your viewer by colouring your arrows by Air Type, Primary Layer or Secondary Layer


Customisable Block Button

We’ve improved the Block tool so that you can reconfigure it to apply any of your resistance presets, rather than being forced to apply the 100% block. No excuses for using infinite resistances for your ventilation seals….


Stage Changing

This is a simple one, but a big improvement. Buttons on the main form to quickly move stages


Simplify References

We’ve added a Simplify References tool to the Filter tool. This is a very useful tool for reducing the size and detail on those overly detailed 3D surfaces that you’ve imported into your model.


Restore Cleared Selection

If you’ve ever worked with Ventsim, at some point you’ve made a complicated selection of airways and then lost it, with no way to get it back. No more! Hit Alt-A (or use the new Select menu option) and you’ll have it back


Message Boxes

We’ve reworked the Message Box form, so the Advanced options are always visible and you’ve got more control over when to regenerate the message and data tokens. Also at bottom left you’ve got 2 new buttons. The Copy to Clipbaord will copy the message as well as a whole lot of raw data behind it that you can paste to Excel or wherever to make charts, reports etc. The other button is a shortcut to create a Stage Graph, with which you can plot the variation of the message box data over your stages

(while we’re here, a hot tip: click on an advanced message box with the Zoom cursor and it will shoot the 3D viewer to the associated airway. If there are many airways attached, it will move to a mid point of the airways)



Binding has been massively sped up. You will only notice this if you commonly use Binding on big models (> 20,000 airways), but if so, it will now be much faster. And you can get another speed up by suspending the Undo


Airway Guides

We’ve improved the Airway Guides to show you the lengths and angles on airways that you’re intercepting with your drawing airway. We’ve also got plans to add something similar for the Add Node cursor.


Carbon Tracker

In the Tools menu, we've added a Carbon Emission Tracker, which makes an estimate of the Scopes 1 and 2 carbon production from the mine; there are also new properties under the Energy category which lets you colour the mine by where the emissions are produced.


Activity Track Creation

Easy ways to create Activity Tracks. Select your path using this tool and this will immediately construct the track for you. Easy.


Dust Profile Simulations

We’ve added the ability to define and simulate dust concentrations over different sizes and densities AT THE SAME TIME. Set a dust profile, press go, and you can see concentrations at various dust sizes throughout your model.


And that’s not even everything.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your suggestions and feedback around the software.

Any problems or comments, please let us know! Contact Us Here

Enjoy Ventsim DESIGN 6!
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Re: Ventsim DESIGN 6 - Out Now!

Post by craigstewart »

Some great new features Ventsim team! Look forward to trying them all out - looks to be some real time savers there!
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