Mine Ventilation Society Australia

Where we share valuable knowledge, implement innovative techniques and utilise a wealth of world-wide knowledge and experience.

The Mine Ventilation Society of Australia (MVSA) was founded in 2012 by Australian mine ventilation practitioners who share a common passion, dedication, and commitment to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for fellow Underground mine workers. The formation of the MVSA was inspired by the need to improve ventilation practices across Australasia, to share valuable knowledge, implementing innovative techniques, utilising a wealth of world-wide knowledge and experience the MVSA has to offer.

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Our Vision

Ventilation is for everybody working in underground mining. It is, therefore, our vision that best ventilation practices are communicated and implemented in the mines across Australia in a consistent manner. The MVSA’s vision is to assist the mining industry in continuous improvement and management in ventilation practices which would also lead to improved safety and productivity. Growth in the number of members increases our strength as a Society to make positive changes. The MVSA is for all mine ventilation practitioners, industry partners and persons sharing our visions and goals.

Our Mission

In order to meet our Vision, the MVSA needs to reach out to the mining Industry Partners such as Tertiary Education Institutes, Mining Departments, and Suppliers. It is further the mission to:

  • Participate in committees or areas where ventilation plays a fundamental role.
  • Review ventilation related Guidelines, Codes of Practices, Ventilation training material, and Legislation.
  • Inform the Mining industry of new ventilation practices and technical aspects.
  • Mentoring ventilation practitioners who have limited knowledge and experience in the ventilation discipline.
  • Education through mentoring, conferences, forums and participation.
  • Grow from strength to strength. By providing active support and commitment from all MVSA members, we will create a positive impact on the industry. Positive change is only made by drawing from each other’s strengths and communication.

Our Values

The MVSA ultimately serves our fellow underground mine workers to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Having this as our core focus we need to:

  • Respect the view of all members and industry partners with regards to ventilation and provide feedback.
  • Seek continuous improvement in all ventilation aspects.
  • Share our knowledge and experience
  • Act in a professional manner.

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