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Principles of operation and main parameters for meridionally accelerated fans

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New mine dust lung disease information now available

Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) shares information on reported mine dust lung disease (MDLD) cases on the Queensland Government website. RSHQ has updated this website to provide further information about reported cases.

RSHQ is committed to disseminating health surveillance learnings to industry, including trends in MDLD cases reported each year. The information published on the website is based on reports of MDLD received from a range of sources. It will reflect reported instances of disease diagnosed through the mandatory respiratory health surveillance for the mineral mine and quarry workers that was introduced in 2020.
The new information is available here.
Reported cases include MDLD diagnosed through the free lung checks available to former and retired Queensland mines and quarry workers. Current and former workers and their families can find out more about respiratory screening services, community support, compensation and free psychological counselling by contacting the Mine Dust Health Support Service on 1300 445 715.
For more information on disease types, detection and assistance available please visit Miners’ Health Matters.

Further information

Website: Mine dust lung diseases
Contact phone:(07) 3199 7967

NSW dust scheme committee hearing

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Simtars Training

Rick brake courses

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Dust Diseases scheme: Hearing and webcast information

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Johannes Holtzhausen – How to Effectively Lower Operating Costs through
ventilation bag selection

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Article on the new metal VO qualification

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Message from the President of the MVSA

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ICN Coal News article

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Effects of Heat and the impact on production rates

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New competency for ventilation officer role in underground mineral mines.

The Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee have published a new competency for a person appointed as a ventilation officer in an underground mineral mine in Queensland.

The new competency was required after legislation was passed by the Queensland Parliament that requires all underground mineral mines with more than 20 employees to appoint a ventilation officer who meets the competency requirements as specified by the advisory committee.

The Mines Legislation (Resources Safety) Amendment Act 2018 allows for a three-year transitional period, after which, the person appointed to the role must have the required competency.

The new competency provides ventilation officers with three qualification options:

  • RIIUND603D and RIIUND601D as delivered by SIMTARS, and successful completion of an assessment examination conducted by SIMTARS
  • The Graduate Diploma of Mine Ventilation from the University of New South Wales
  • Qualifications obtained and recognised under an alternative jurisdiction and accepted by the Chief Inspector (Mineral Mines and Quarries).

A competency for ventilation officers in underground coal mines has been in place since 2003.

The competencies recognised by the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee can be found on the Business Queensland website.